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Mr. Ajith Kumar Prabhakaran

Products Supplied

Vanilla Pods (Cured)

Farm Location

Nedumkandam, Idukki District, Kerala State/ Altitude 875 MASL

About The Farmer

Mr. Prabhakaran is a part of a farmer producer organisation (FPO), Vanilla India Producer Company Limited also known as Vanilco.

Vanilco works closely with a large number of farmers across Kerala, India, and provides them with the technical knowledge required to grow vanilla successfully as a commercial crop.

Once harvested, the vanilla beans are purchased at guaranteed prices from these farmers and further processed to turn them into the brownish-blackish pods that we are all familiar with.

Mr. Prabhakaran has been growing vanilla beans along with pepper, nutmeg, and mace at his 2-acre property in the Western Ghats where he practices traditional methods of farming.

A first-generation farmer, Ajith is a native of Ernakulam district in Kochi, Kerala. He now lives on his farm with his wife and daughter permanently. They are all involved in farming on a full-time basis.

Farm Inputs

The fertiliser used at Ajith’s land is cattle manure and the pesticides used include Pseudomonas and Bordeaux mixture.

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