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Mr. Deeparam

Products Supplied

Cumin Seeds

Farm Location

Nenau, Nagaur, Rajasthan, India/ 310 MASL

About The Farmer

Mr. Deeparam is a native of Rajasthan, living in a village named Nenau, part of the Nagaur district. Parts of this district are known to produce some of the finest fenugreek leaves in the country and in the world.

His farm is 25 acres in size and has been with his family over the last 4 generations.

Practicing traditional farming methods, Deeparam grows a number of crops in a year based on the season. These include cumin seeds, fennel seeds, peanuts, pearl millet, wheat, and various lentils.

The latest addition to his farm is a tractor along with 2 camels that are native to the state of Rajasthan, a predominantly desert state. 70% of the landmass of Rajasthan is made up of the Thar Desert.

The camels are of big help at the farm as they allow him to work in sandy soils across his farm.

Mr. Deeparam is conscious about water conservation and has installed a drip-feed water irrigation system at his farm, one of the first ones to do so in his village.

And that’s not all, he has also constructed a rainwater reservoir on his land that can hold almost a year’s worth of water.

The results that he has achieved by adopting this irrigation technology have encouraged others in his village to do the same.

Farm Inputs

Cow manure and crushed limestone from quarries around his district as a way of enriching the soil. 

No information on the pesticides used at the farm has been provided.

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