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Mr. Jaganathan

Products Supplied

Salem Turmeric

Farm Location

Karuppur, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India/ Altitude 315 MASL

About The Farmer

One of our most senior farmers in terms of his age and experience, Mr. Jaganathan, is now 70 years of age and has been farming at his family farm since he was only 15 years old. 

Turmeric is the main crop at the family farm which has been grown for over 4 decades. At his farm, he has grown a total of 7 different varieties of turmeric over the years and was instrumental in introducing commercial farming of turmeric in his district.

Mr. Jaganathan has received multiple awards from the state of Tamil Nadu for his good farming practices and for helping other farm members within his community.

For the past 15 years, he has been practicing organic farming, and apart from turmeric, he also cultivates coconuts and citrus (lemons).

His son Ragunathan is a qualified IT professional working in the city however he loves to come and help his family out while he is at the farm including finding newer markets for their produce.

Ragunathan is constantly in touch with the local state-run agricultural institutions to help promote the crops that are grown at his farm, especially for export markets. 

Farm Inputs

Fertilisers used at the farm include Vermicompost, Jeevamrutham, and Panchakavya. Organic pesticides used include Fungohit and Virosol.

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