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Mr. John Pious

Products Supplied

Green Cardamom & Black Pepper

Farm Location

Kallupalam, Idukki, Kerala, India/ Altitude 1100 MASL

About The Farmer

Mr. Pious John is a third-generation farmer based in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. He currently holds about 10 acres of land across 2 farms in the Yela Mala mountain range, also known as Cardamom Hills.  His family is originally from the Allepey district of Kerala and has grown various crops over the generations including, nutmeg, mace, rice, coffee, pepper, and green cardamom.

Mr. Pious is actively involved at his farm for the past 15 years prior to which he ran his own business.

His son Manu Pious is a full-time banker in Kochi, the capital city of Kerala, and loves to visit his family farms over the weekend and help his father out with farming activities.

John is a big believer in organic ways of farming and avoids using chemical fertilisers and pesticides until it is absolutely necessary to maintain the health of the plants and their productivity.

Farm Inputs

Organic fertilisers utilised at his plantation include Bone meal, Neem cake, and cattle manure. Chemical fertilisers used include Factamfos and Potash. Pesticides used include Quinalphos. 

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