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About Us

How it all started

While spices are a common commodity available across shelves in food stores both big and small, any thought is seldom given to where the spice actually comes from, who the farmer is, what’s its variety, grade, harvesting date, and so on.

None of the spice companies in the market seemed to be providing this kind of information. Traceability seemed to be completely missing from the market.

It was this very thought with which The Sabor Co. was born in late 2021.

Divij Mehta, the founder, decided to embark on a journey across India visiting farms, understanding supply chains, and meeting peak body officials in the agricultural sector to wrap his head around how it all happened.

How the spices grown in tiny villages in India ended up across the world, putting India on the world map as the leading exporter of spices.

While traceability was something that the industry participants and the peak-body officials thought of as a nice-to-have concept, it was nothing less than a mammoth task to incorporate it given how the current supply chains were designed.

After spending a few months in the research mode, Divij came to the conclusion that if transparency and traceability were to be incorporated, he needed to develop a whole new supply chain, one which started at the farm level and had no middlemen or brokers.

The next few months were spent developing relationships with farmers and processors. And this was another humongous task as not everyone understood the concept of traceability and the vision with which The Sabor Co. was incorporated.

Where are we at now

12 farmer partners (and counting) with a supply chain that includes 15 single origin herbs and spices of exceptional quality – green cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, mace, black pepper, coriander seeds, fennel seeds,  mustard seeds, fennel seeds, vanilla beans, saffron and dehydrated onion and garlic in various formats including flakes, kibbled, chopped, granulated and powdered.

All our produce comes complete with traceability reports on variety, grade, harvesting month, farmer name, inputs used at the farm in terms of pesticides and fertilisers and more.

We look forward to developing many more relationships with farmers across India and beyond while working in an ethical & equitable manner both towards the people we work with and towards the environment.

Our head office in New Delhi, India is responsible for procurement, processing, packaging, and exports and our branch office in Sydney, Australia is working towards creating distribution channels both at the wholesale and retail levels.

Our Products

The Sabor Co. offers a variety of products in different packaging sizes for both wholesale and retail formats. For more information regarding becoming a stockist or for wholesale orders, get in touch with us.

Wholesale and stockist enquiries including product information, specifications, stock availability and pricing.