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Ethically sourced single origin spices, traceable back to their roots.

Our Story

The Sabor Co. (Sabor meaning Flavour in Portuguese) was born with the aim of bringing traceability & transparency into the spice trade.

Our focus follows our passion; to procure in an equitable & sustainable manner, rich quality single origin spices directly from farmers cultivating with marginal landholdings and a whole lot of labour of love for kitchens and pantries across the world.

We are reimagining the spice trade – the ways of which were designed thousands of years ago and were built around inequality, injustice, exploitation, and lack of information flow.

By empowering farmers, eliminating the middlemen, and focusing on quality rather than quantity, we end up with produce that is far superior to what the consumer has ever tasted before.

What's Harvested At Our Farms

Carom Seeds


Coriander Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Fennel Seeds



Green Cardamom

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